Anthony Anderson (Beauchamp College)

Julie’s work has been outstanding with students at the college. She is brilliant at engaging everyone and giving a fresh and exciting musical experience. Julie has also presented at some of our educational conferences in which she has been highly regarded by delegates. She is always highly professional and helps teachers to learn new skills. Excellent and highly recommended!

Miriam Forbes (Witham Hall Prep School)

Julie has visited our school many times and each occasion has been a special one! She really knows her stuff, and delivers with aplomb and excellent teaching style. In one KS1 session she created a magical African story-telling scenario with evocative soundscapes and the use of a massive variety of instruments, the children were entranced. She has also led West African drumming workshops (mainly with Y8) where her expertise and experience are clear to see. Julie has also led dance workshops for us using broomhandles and sticks, allowing the children to create scenes and events in movement and sound - brilliant! I would recommend her to any school.

Aimee Pugh (Ashmount Special School)

Julie has worked at our school several times, working with students of all ages who have special needs. She has great communication with students, and a wonderful, lively way of enthusing those around her. She is also very sensitive to those who have additional needs, and is always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience. I would highly recommend her to schools looking for a percussionist.

Beccy Knight (Highcliffe Primary School)

Julie has been to our school many times. On her last visit she worked with the Year 6s to create an interactive assembly. We then performed this to the rest of the school at the end of the day and now all the children want to be in year 6 so they can join in with the workshop!

Angela Donnelly (Abington High School)

Julie has worked in our school regularly over the past 10 years. She is an inspiration to all she has worked with. Both staff and pupils have benefitted from her lively and enthralling workshops. Julie returns each year for our Slavery Day topic involving the whole of Year 9. Pupils love the sessions and talk about them for weeks after.

Anne Cowan (Birch Wood Special School)

Julie has been to our Special School many times. On her last project, each class had a morning workshop, followed by a creative music and dance session in the afternoon. One little boy in my group was very wary of the noise that the drums made - especially when several were playing at once! During the morning session he did not touch an instrument but in the afternoon his confidence had begun to increase and by the end of the day he was able to make a noise on the drums and even dance to the music created by adults. What progress in a day! A truly memorable experience for him.

Suzanne Kelly (Ibstock Community College)

Julie has visited our school over a number of years and provided excellent workshops to link to our topics studied. We always look forward to her days. The students love her hands on approach which she delivers in a no nonsense fashion, so that even the most challenging students remain on task. She has a huge range of instruments that she brings along, to provide one each for 30 students. She has also run after school sessions for staff, which have been thoroughly enjoyed, an excellent de-stresser! I would unreservedly recommend Julie to any school.