My aim is to encourage students to enjoy making music, whatever their age or ability, building confidence and skills in a challenging, friendly and supportive learning environment. Working mainly with traditional West African drums and percussion, workshops/courses/projects are designed to meet the particular needs of each group.

Special Needs

I am always delighted to work in special schools, and enjoy the challenge of working with a range of abilities within each class session. The emphasis is always on having fun, and working with the responses of each individual student within the group.

Early Years and KS1

In a typical session children are introduced to the instruments, music and culture of West Africa. A range of instruments and artefacts are explored, and children are encouraged to think about how they are made and why the people of Africa use those materials. In addition, working with traditional chants, all children have the opportunity to play a range of different instruments.

KS2 and above

Students will develop the fundamental skills of how to play safely, and develop an accurate playing technique. In addition, listening, playing in time, keeping together as a whole group or in sub-sections, together with the development of co-ordination and performance skills, are all part of the workshop.
Inevitably, these skills are transferable, and any group working with rhythm will by nature also be developing social skills. These include:
· teamwork
· self-confidence
· communication
· leadership skills
· raising multi-cultural awareness
· respect – for self, for others in the group, for the instruments and for the Africans who
made them and taught us their traditional rhythms


I will arrive an hour before the first session to unload and set up, and need to work in the hall or a large classroom cleared of desks etc. I can offer a MAXIMUM of 5 sessions in a day, working with a class at a time, or two KS1 classes at a time if necessary. The schedule needs to allow time to clear and re-set instruments if the space is used for school lunches. I'll be as flexible as I can to fit in with the school.

Fees range from £50 - £5000, depending on your project requirements and distance travelled!